Waterloo 55+ Golf
Waterloo Seniors Golf
This golf league is a FUN league for seniors of all ages, women and men, over 55.

We golf each Wednesday morning rotating on four different GOLF NORTH courses from the beginning of May thru the first week of October.

 We currently have over 300 members, when we have room, more are always welcome. Neither Citizenship nor proof of age are required (i.e. you don't have to live in Waterloo to join).

This FUN league provides members with an opportunity to meet new friends. Foursomes are selected on a random basis for each week.

Special requests can be accommodated - such as:
  • Husbands and wives - together or close by;
  • Neighbours - together or close by;
  • Friends - together or close by;
  • Nine holes only ;
  • Don't wanna golf with !
However, the more flexible you can be the better it is. Since 2022 golfers are limited to requesting to play with only one other person. (That person also has to request to play with you.) We have about two hours of tee times and you can request an early or late start (1st hour or 2nd hour) when you register. Start times will be decided by the computer allowing for the requests noted above.

Please note if you wish to play 9-holes only the start times are dictated by the courses. At Brookfield, Conestoga and Foxwood you will play late.  At Dundee you will play early.​​

We will accommodate special requests for early/late starts on specific days for specific reasons.​​

Everyone joining our group is expected to participate in our activities.​​

Please Note: Foursomes for all tournaments will be randomly selected (i.e. the computer will decide what the foursomes will be)​​.

Come join us and enjoy a great game on great courses and meet new friends in the process.

Click Here before leaving for the course each week for the latest news. Unless the day is cancelled here, then please show up at the course.
​(Sometimes it is raining in town, but not at the course).

Each registered golfer in good standing will be issued a League Card, which will allow members to golf on the four courses (Brookfield, Conestoga, Dundee and Foxwood)​​ PLUS Rivers Edge and Beaverdale on other days of the week at our agreed to rates.
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