Senior's Golf League
  1. Green Fees and Cart rental - golfer's responsibility.
  2. Golfers to advise us if unable to golf by Sunday Noon for the following Wednesday.
  3. Preliminary list golfers for the following week issued by Friday morning
  4. Golfers are assumed to be golfing unless otherwise advised by Sunday Noon.
  5. Foursomes published on "This Week's Foursomes" by Monday morning.
  6. After Sunday evening, Golfers are responsible for advising The Course if unable to golf.
  7. "No Shows" are not appreciated. 
At the Course
    1. Golfers are expected to arrive at course at least 30 minutes prior to their designated tee-off. This allows time for check-in and provides flexibility to fill foursomes to replace last minute cancellations.
    2. Maximum score per hole 9:
    3. If not on the green after six shots, pick up ball and place on edge of green
    4. Maximum of three putts per hole.
    5. First Tee during May and September is 9am.
    6. First Tee during June, July and August is 8am.